The Civil Rights Center 

The Civil Rights Center is is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of voting rights and criminal justice reform. 



We are the leading civil rights organization in the fight to stop Crosscheck, a GOP devised racially discriminatory mass voter purge program that has removed millions of voters of color from the voter rolls. 


The Voting Rights Project 

The environment for voting rights has not been this hostile since the end of the Civil War. The Voting Rights Project is a multi-state campaign designed to combat voter suppression and the Crosscheck Program. We have teamed with Inviestigative journalist Greg Palast, and are using his film The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, to educate and mobilize people to fight Crosscheck.

The VRP launched in Georgia in May and is scheduled for Richmond, VA on September 9, 2017 and then Raleigh, N.C. on September. Contact us to find out when the Voting Rights Project is coming to your state.

We Must Stop Crosscheck  

Crosscheck is a GOP devised racially discriminatory mass purge program.  Allegedly, the program is intended to help states maintain voter rolls by identifying people who are no longer eligible to vote.

Crosscheck works by cross-referencing voter information from participating states. Voters are matched by first and last name, and date of birth. States then receive lists of people believed to be registered in more than one state, as well as people believed to have voted in more than one state.

The program was designed by created by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. Kobach has come to prominence over his hardliner views on immigration, as well as his calls for greater voting restrictions and a Muslim registry.  Kobach regularly makes false or unsubstantiated claims about the extent of voter fraud in the United States. As Secretary of State of Kansas he has implemented some of the strictest voter ID legislation in the nation.

The Crosscheck Program is terribly unreliable and falsely flags hundreds of thousands of voters in each participating state as ineligible. Twenty seven states currently participate in Crosscheck.  Recently Florida, Oregon and Washington State have dis-enrolled from the program after finding that it leads to the false identification of millions of voters and results in an illegal and disproportionate amount of minority voters being purged from the voter rolls.

A recent study by researchers at Stanford, the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard and Microsoft found that Crosscheck's algorithm returns about 200 false positives for every one legitimate instance of double registration it finds.

After examining the potential Crosscheck purge lists from several of the participating states, investigative reporter Greg Palast established that the Crosscheck program disproportionately leads to the purge of voters who are most likely to vote democratic.

Palast demonstrated that Black, Hispanic and Asian-American voters were significantly more likely to be eliminated from the voter rolls because the program has a built in racial bias due to its heavy reliance on similarity of names. 

A recent report, by the Center For American Progress Action Fund, found that 50 percent of communities of color share a common surname, while only 30 percent of white people do.  The report found that in Crosscheck’s flagged lists, white voters are underrepresented by 8 percent, African Americans are overrepresented by 45 percent; Hispanic voters are overrepresented by 24 percent; and Asian voters are overrepresented by 31 percent.

A recent test of the accuracy of the Crosscheck Program by the state of New York demonstrates the extent of the program’s potential to result in the illegal purge of millions of voters.  In the test, Crosscheck produced a list of over 400,000 voters who were potentially ineligible to vote in New York state.  An audit of the 400,000 names on the list found that, in fact only 30,000 of the people identified were validly eligible for a potential purge. 

The high error rate of the Crosscheck Program, led in part to the creation of an alternative national list maintenance program.  The Electronic Information Registration Center (ERIC), is used by 19 states and the District of Columbia to improve the accuracy of voter rolls. ERIC uses additional information, including middle names and the last four digits of social security numbers, to prepare significantly more accurate and reliable lists. The citizens of Texas would be better served by joining the ERIC list maintenance program.   


The Stop Crosscheck Toolkit  

The Stop Crosscheck Toolkit is a campaign guide to combat Crosscheck in your state. The Stop Crosscheck Toolkit provides everything you need to launch or contribute to a satte Stop Crosscheck Campaign.The Toolkit includes numerous sample forms, letters, sample petitions, press releases, contact information for key state and officials and party leaders.Introduction

Call The Civil Rights Center at 202-705-0797 and order a free copy of The Stop Crosscheck Campaign Toolkit today.

Fight The Trump Commission 

Donald Trump signed an executive order creating the “Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.” The Commission is charged with studying “the registration and voting processes used in Federal elections” and identifying “vulnerabilities in voting systems” that could lead to voter fraud. Vice President Mike Pence is the chair, and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach—a known promoter of voting restrictions and the myth of voter fraud—is the vice chair.

The executive order comes on the heels of President Trump’s repeated assertions that millions voted illegally in the 2016 election. For years, claims of fraud have been used to justify unwarranted voting restrictions. There is no question that this Commission is not a legitimate attempt to study elections, but rather a tool for enabling voter suppression. 

Combat Voter Suppression 

It’s difficult to count uncast votes, but there were clearly thousands of them as a result of the voter-suppression measures. In 2014, according to a Wisconsin federal court, three hundred thousand registered voters in that state lacked the forms of identification that Republican legislators deemed necessary to cast their ballots. (The G.O.P. likes some forms of I.D. better than others. In Texas, a gun permit works; student identification does not.)

In Milwaukee County, which has a large African-American population, sixty thousand fewer votes were cast in 2016 than in 2012. To put it another way, Clinton received forty-three thousand fewer votes in that county than Barack Obama did—a number that is nearly double Trump’s margin of victory in all of Wisconsin.

The North Carolina Republican Party actually sent out a press release boasting about how its efforts drove down African-American turnout in this election.

Our counter-strategy is threefold. It involves litigation, legislation, and mobilization. We are bringing together some of the most successful voting rights activists and organizations in the Country to discuss tactics and strategies to combat Crosscheck, voter suppression and persecution. 

We are developing a Model Voting Rights Act to combat voter suppression and end the Crosscheck Program and other illegal mass purges. It would also liberalize voter registration and make it easier for people to register and to vote. Considering the extent that the GOP controls the legislature and state government we are in for a long battle

Civil Rights and voting rights groups have been quick to turn to the courts to combat voter suppression. The results have been mixed. Recent legal victories in redistricting are encouraging.  Even when courts have ruled in favor of voting rights activists the state has refused to follow court orders. Activists are begging to bring lawsuits against election officials and other state officials in their personal capacity when they persecute activists and abuse their power.

We must increase awareness and engagement.  The same passion shown in the fight to save health care must be applied to voting rights. If we increase minority turnout by three percent in the South, candidates that would support expanding voting rights would win statewide. It is literally going to take hand to hand combat - door to door grassroot organizing at the neighborhood level.  

Restoration of Voting Rights 

The United States stands alone among modern democracies in stripping voting rights from millions of citizens on the basis of criminal convictions. Across the country, states impose varying felony disenfranchisement policies, preventing an estimated 6.1 million Americans from casting ballots. To give a sense of scope — this population is larger than the voting-eligible population of New Jersey. And of this total, nearly 4.7 million are people living in our communities — working, paying taxes, and raising families, all while barred from joining their neighbors at the polls.

This widespread disenfranchisement disproportionately impacts people of color. One in every 13 voting-age African Americans cannot vote, a disenfranchisement rate more than four times greater than that of all other Americans. In four states, more than one in five black adults are denied their right to vote.

Disenfranchised black males account for 35 percent of all Americans now barred from voting because of felony convictions. Two percent of all Americans, or 3.9 million, have lost the right to vote, compared with 13 percent of adult black men.

State laws governing voter eligibility vary. Nine states impose a lifetime voting ban on convicted felons. In 32 states, felons can vote after serving their sentences and completing parole. Three states — Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont — have no prohibition and allow prisoners to vote, although Massachusetts voters will act on a ballot measure in November that would strip prisoners of voting rights.

Six other states impose restrictions based on a felon’s prior record or parole status.


Secure Our Future Elections

I know that voting machines can be hacked, becasue my collegues and I have done it....In a close election, changing a few votes may be enough to tip the result, and an attacker can choose where—and on which equipment—to steal those votes. State and local elections are also at risk...Alex Halderman.


The GOP Suppression Playbook 

  • Gerrymander the election districts on racial and partisan lines 
  • Enact strict laws that require ID to vote 
  • Make it as diffcult as possible to register to vote 
  • Reduce the number of pollng places and days to vote
  • Disenfranchsie as many as possible for criminal convictions 
  • Harrass, intimidate and prosecute voting rights activists 
  • Purge minority voters in mass using Crosscheck, litigation and threats
  • Spread disinformation about voting, registration requirements, polling places



  1. Black turnout decreases first time in 20 years. 59.5% in 2016 down from 66.6% 2012. 
  2. GOP gets 52% of House Votes - Win 57% of House Seats .
  3. 1000 fewer polling stations nation-wide in 2016 eIections 
  4. Democratic turnout drops 8.8% with strict voter ID laws vs. 3.5% for GOP voters 
  5. Trump wins Wisconsin - 22,000 votes; Michigan -10,000 votes; 3.6% North Carolina 
  6. Millions of minority and democratic voters are purged using Crosscheck schemes 


We Need Your Help 

We can overcome and reverse the impact of Voter Suppresion. We have played defense for too long. THe GOP has used better plays - its time we play to win. 

Please organize a screening in your community of the activist version of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, By Greg Paslat at You will receive a copy of our Stop Crosscheck Toolkit and you can launch a Stop Cross Check Campaign in your state.

Donate to The Civil Rights Center - we are up against well financed corporate interests. We cant' win by bringing a knife to a gun fight. We need financial resources. Votnig rights affects all rights. Make an investment in advacing all progressive issues by making a donation today. 

Call The Civil Rights Center at 202-705-0797 if you have been a victim of an illegal voter purge or have had your right to vote infringed upon in any manner.


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